Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming. You might be feeling  stressed or depressed, caught up in relationship conflict or just stuck  in a rut. In times like these, talking to a counsellor can help you  examine both what is working for you and what you could do differently  to improve your life.

Steve's Counselling offers private, professional counselling services to people living in the inner-westeven suburbs of Sydney.

"My  approach to counselling is to accept wherever you are at the moment,  find out where you want to be, figure out what's holding you back, and  highlight the ways you can achieve your goals, using your own strengths". 



Counselling can help you to:

• Cope with stress or anxiety

• Deal with grief or sadness

• Understand anger or emotions

• Make those huge life decisions

• Recover from trauma or loss

• Manage an addiction

• Build your self-esteem

• Embrace your uniqueness

• Create meaningful relationships

• Understand & stop behaviours  

   that hurt  you or your partner

• Improve your quality of life



What you need to know:

• Counselling sessions  are private and confidential, however state and federal laws limit  confidentiality if your safety (or someone else's) is at risk

• If you need emergency mental health support right now, call:

Mental Health Hotline:

1800 011 511

Suicide Callback Service:

1300  659 467